tangerine twist // cocktails

i've kind of made cocktail tasting my hobby these past few weeks. my big birthday bash is coming up in 2 weeks and i need to find a couple to serve at our palm springs getaway! i'm crossing my fingers that the weather is decent and the pool party will be able to take place, which means i'll need some refreshing and fruity cocktails to serve. this one got a thumbs up. not only is it super fizzy and refreshing, it's pretty darn healthy and won't ruin that bikini bod i've worked so hard for… totally kidding, about the bikini bod;) it is healthy though.



skinny girl tangerine vodka

- grapefruit perrier (or any sparkling water/soda)

- an orange

- a lemon

- a lime

1. add 2 oz. of the tangerine vodka to a shaker

2. squeeze in 1 half of each piece of fruit (orange, lemon and lime)

3. add ice, shake and pour into your glass

4. top with sparkling water

5. serve and garnish with slices of fruit!

this is one of those that goes on the list of large batch cocktails. and how pretty would it look in a drink dispenser with fruit slices on top?


skinnygirl vodka

provided by coyne pr for use in this post ]