parking lot shenanigans + a cocktail // recipes

the last time we were in palm springs, tammy was telling sharon and i about this brilliant new cocktail she had tried the weekend before. at first i was like, uh uh (as in no way), but the fact that the simple ingredients sounded like an odd combo made me want to try it even more. it's called the kalimotxo. it's a drink that originated in spain in the 70's and is now a staple, made from a mix of red wine and coke.

so after dinner, we headed to the grocery store to grab the ingredients and try it out. it seemed like an appropriate cocktail to mix up in the parking lot at our hotel… and so we did.

it's an easy ratio to remember, 50/50 over loads of ice.

have you guys ever tried one of these? after i thought about it more, i wasn't sure why i wouldn't love it… i mean, coke and red wine are delicious apart, why not together? this would be a fun way to mix up your usual red on valentines day as well, right? just not your best bottle, bottom shelf will work just fine.