weekend recap // lifestyle

last weekend we packed up and headed out to the desert. one of my husbands hobbies is racing… or driving, what he likes to call it… they go fast around a track so i call it racing. anyways, we went out to one of the tracks for the weekend with our pups, i worked, experimented with cocktails, took lots of pictures and fancied up our new rv while he was out. here are a few of my faves to recap!

junk piles in the middle of the desert always interest me… why is all of this here?!

a peek at our couch situation thanks to a last minute homegoods run before we left.

you really can't beat mornings in the desert.

mixed up this kombucha champagne cocktail. will share here soon.

meet niko!

portia on one of our sunset walks.

stick collecting to use as decor.

the end. what did you guys do this weekend?