printed ribbon drink markers // diy

wine markers have never really been my thing. there are so many fun alternatives you can go with, i guess i have just never invested in any or found them in our style. but i will say, they sure are necessary! how many parties have you been to wear you lost your glass? i'd say on average our guests end up using 2-3 additional glasses when we don't have markers. and i hate dishes… so investing a few minutes in a small diy will make my life easier:)

i had been wanting to try out this

cool little label printer that printed ribbon

for a while. as an entertainer, you can imagine how many uses i can come up with for this, right? well,


sent over one for me to try and i knew the first project would be drink markers. but i wanted them to be something more than just your name. instead, i added fun quotes and thoughts to get conversations going. kind of like fortunes. when you go around the table seeing what everyones is, laughing about it, commenting on it? that's what i had in mind here!

i rounded up my favorite sayings i've kept over on pinterest, typed them in the

epson ribbon printer

and tied to the bottom of each glass.

you can determine exactly how long you want your ribbon to be with a simple setting on the epson, so i added a few inches to the ends of each for tying. the machine also comes with different cartridges that have different colored ribbons and inks and it was so simple to change them out, exactly like you would with a label printer cartridge.

the satin ribbon included in the kit was definitely something i would have chosen on my own at the store. it was heavy, soft, high-quality and didn't have a problem with fraying.

now, after you have a few glasses of rose, i can't guarantee your going to really remember your quote since everyone will now be mingling and chatting about them all. but at least we know they'll achieve the goal of breaking the ice at the party!

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. all opinions, images and ideas are my own for a fabulous fete ]