inspiration hunting // my top 5 methods

that quote you've seen, "i have too many tabs open in my brain", was the story of my life this summer. and it took at toll on the old blog. having a ton to get done can really hinder creativity. so i had to make an effort to stop and do my top 5 activities that always seem to get the ideas flowing again. we all have different schedules and busy times of year, so if my ideas for getting back in your groove don't benefit you now, hopefully they will at some point in the future! here is what works for me every time and i try to fit in as often as possible. this time i thought it would be fun to try a little inspiration lunch picnic mashing all of my fave activities into one.

1. a brainstorming lunch with friends. i will always have a million things and ideas running through my head, so to have a few hours to sit with a friend and get them all out, get feedback on them, and narrow down what should be put into action, is a huge help. go grab some salads to go, a blanket and find a spot for bouncing ideas of a pal.

2. get outside! i sit in my office, by myself, in my yoga pants, pretty much every day. so taking a few extra minutes to plan and outfit and go see other humans (not just my dogs) is something that relieves a little stress.

3. wine. always wine. if you do nothing else, take a second to yourself and enjoy a glass. maybe it's coffee, maybe it's tea, but just taking time to not think about what's next on your to-do list will refresh your creativity. i'll usually take a glass and sit outside before dinner. so even if you have to get back at it, you'll start with a clear head.

4. make lists, lots of them! get all of those ideas out onto paper. it will actually make room for more;) right down the good ones AND the bad ones. i made these little rings with tags to write ideas on. one for the blog and one for the shop. write down an idea on each and when you execute or complete it, remove it. then you have a ring of fresh ideas. i have a million notebooks floating around that get stored and forgotten. i'm hoping this will help me keep ideas in one place and organized!

5. and finally, one of my favorite things to do is scan instagram. i love seeing what other people are doing, where they are traveling, where they are eating, etc. i find loads of inspiration here… maybe it's a space someone is having lunch in that inspires a tabletop setting for the blog, or another's vacation that inspires a cocktail. it's basically like getting to be in hundreds of places in just a few minutes without leaving your couch.

roll all those things into one and you have a perfect afternoon of some serious inspiration gathering. where do you guys go and what do you do when in a rut… or are just in the mood for brainstorming?

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