how to host a beaujolais nouveau celebration // entertaining

every year, under french law, on the third thursday of november, beaujolais nouveau wine is released at 12:01am. celebrations are had all across the globe to celebrate the release of this red wine produced in france. i was given the chance by

Georges Duboeuf Wines

to plan a fete (how fitting) and show how i would celebrate the 2014 release

which is today! a party celebrating wine? i'm in.

my inspiration was a night of indulgence. i wanted to fill the table with meats and treats to pick at through the night as you sipped on your new bottle of wine. as the wine is released just after midnight, the color palette of black and white with a splash of metallics was the perfect choice.

all of the snacks were laid out buffet style, super casual.

a basket of bread was set out to pair with the meat, fruit or just eat with butter. i whipped up 3 butter flavors and set those out as well. i mixed in fresh chives, thyme and rosemary in each.

small vials of glitter were set out for guests to celebrate with as the time approached to pop the cork on their new bottle of wine!

had painted wine quotes were placed around the table for guests to take home as favors.

today is nouveau day, so break out a bottle and celebrate! i'll be trying my bottle of

Georges Duboeuf

Beaujolais Nouveau tonight

pretending i'm enjoying this fete somewhere in france;)

i have my share of wine prints, so i thought i would giveaway this set away to you guys! there are 3 total, 5" x 5" on watercolor paper. frame them, give 2 away (holidays are here!) or display them on your bar cart. to enter, leave a comment and share your favorite wine, don't forget to leave your email so i can contact you if you win. i'm always looking for new favorites! i will pick a winner next friday, the 28th.

this post was made possible by

Georges Duboeuf Wines

and One2One Network. all ideas and opinions are my own. thank you for supporting the brands that keep a fabulous fete going, especially the wine makers ;)