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I am so excited to be guest posting for Lauren on A Fabulous Fete! I have been a fan for ages and even had Lauren create a gorgeous custom address stamp for me not too long ago. A Fabulous Fete is my go-to source for incredible printables and endless entertaining ideas.

Hosting any get-together can be made simple with a few simple steps and a little inspiration. Mark one item off your list with a sure-to-please and sure-to-impress cheese platter perfect for any fall soirée or holiday party.

Start with a great base--choose a wooden cutting board, fancy platter, or any sort of tray. Add a few cheese knives and spreaders and you are ready to add the goods.

Next, pick your gourmet cheeses. Stick to three to five options and, if possible, select a combination from cows, goats, and sheep. Vary your artisan cheese options between aged, soft, firm, and blue--and try to have at least one that most of your guests will be familiar with.

I chose Brie, Manchego, and Gouda for my fall cheese platter. To me, brie is almost always a given. This soft and creamy French cheese made from cow’s milk is ideal for spreading on crackers, toasted french bread, and even green apple slices.

Manchego is a firm sheep’s milk cheese originating from Spain with a sharp taste that pairs well with salty accompaniments, but goes just as well on top of crusty bread. To round out the cheese collection, I went with a Double Cream Gouda. This double cream version of the cheese makes it extra smooth and perfectly buttery, which tastes delicious beside fresh or dried sweet fruit.

One of the most fun parts about pulling your cheese platter together is gathering all of your accompaniments and condiments. More than likely, you have got a wonderful start with what is already sitting on your pantry shelves. I chose a sweet and salty trail mix with cashews, almonds, and dried cranberries, locally made tangerine cherry jam, wildflower honey, fresh french baguette slices, blackberries, and thin slices of green apple. The options are endless--crackers of all types, various mustards, pickles, chutneys, sliced and roasted vegetables, cured meats like prosciutto, and sausages.

Labeling your items is the finishing touch to your tasty feast. I used my trusty kraft roll and chalkboard marker to label this display, but tent cards and toothpick labels are easy alternatives.

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