october happenings

i'm really excited for today. besides it being friday, it might actually feel like fall for us here in southern ca. i might be able to wear a sweater tonight, it's a miracle. with that said, let's take a look at how i tried to make it feel like fall around here last month… october according to instagram.

lightbox sign i crafted up for osbp. a succulent shopping spree. pink watercolor place cards for a shoot. a wine shopping spree:) calligraphy work in swedish. a weekend road trip to the desert. pumpkin decor. flowers for the weekend. new logo options (coming soon to the blog!). calligraphy quotes for the house. halloween decor. props for shooting on a friday. cozy mornings at home. song quote from our processional. finally framed some wedding and honeymoon photos.

bedroom makeover. black and gold seating chart. bed side table styling. single name place cards, my fave. morning coffee and work. inspiration quotes (aka practice and procrastination). save the date testing. blogger brunch decor. watercolor items for a shoot. new thank you cards with marilyn quote. a tequila toddy. making some favor bags. envelope for a shoot prop. more practice and procrastination. a cozy sweater and glass of wine.

what do you guys have planned for tonight and the weekend? we have a friends party tomorrow and if my costume turns out as planned… i might share a

peek over on insta

! we'll see;)