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while i am away on vacation i've asked a group of talented ladies to share something with you inspired by a little end of summer vacay! i hope you enjoy and maybe even find a few new creative girls to keep tabs on. pop on over to their blogs too and say hi! - lauren

hi, i'm leona.

i'm a wedding + event designer and blogger.

i'm my husband chad's wonderful wife and mommy to our beautiful miracle baby bronson.

and i'm happy to be here!

lauren told me

to dream.

about a end of summer vacation.

i told my husband that in order for a great post for lauren's awesome readers, we needed to

experience said vacation.

i'm still waiting.

while dreaming about where i would go, portugal kept coming to my mind.

i'm actually from england and lived six years in portugal so

a piece of my heart is in europe!

during the day i would walk along the cobbled streets and pass all the amazing quaint houses with such charm

and intricate tile work.

on my way to a

beautiful beach to

find a secluded little alcove to have as my own.

the water is as clear as my diamond (very clear when polished)!

top left


top right


bottom right


bottom left

the night life is full of friends, wine, laughter and more wine.  those are easy words to re


create.  My version wouldn't be touristy though, i love the native people and they are who would be my tour guides and friends.

with any excuse to have friends over i've used portugal as my inspiration for this small gathering.

bread is made fresh every morning and small rolls called Papo Secos are a staple at any meal.

the portuguese are so crafty. 

their porcelein pieces are to die for. 

case in point the pottery that is holding the biscottis.

mateus is a wine made in portugal and is one of my families favorites. 


of course! 

this one is a non-alcoholic version.

all that is missing are lauren

s beautiful hand written signs!

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