Tattooed Treat Bags // Maritza of Maritza Lisa

while i am away on vacation i've asked a group of talented ladies to share something with you inspired by a little end of summer vacay! i hope you enjoy and maybe even find a few new creative girls to keep tabs on. pop on over to their blogs too and say hi! - lauren

Well hello! I'm Maritza and you can find me over at the little paper-happy blog,

Maritza Lisa

. I am sooo happy to be here. Today's DIY is all about tattoos and treat bags. How perfect are these for hosting little events (as place cards) or giving little treats to loved ones?

You need Silhouette Studio (or similar), a printer, 

temporary tattoo paper

, a 


 (or similar tool), 

and muslin 

treat bags. 

1: Create your text/names and then mirror them (I typed mine, added a frame and then mirrored right)

2. Print the text onto the glossy side of the tattoo paper (there are little pink marks on the non-printable side)

3. Wait about 10


15 minutes for the ink to dry, then apply the adhesive sheet onto the top of the tattoo paper (ink side up), using your scraper to smooth it out

4: Cut very closely around the text, then peel away the clear adhesive layer

5: Use the wet cloth/towel to apply the tattoo to the eraser, patting it until the paper can easily slide off


Video Tutorial

Temporary Tattoo 102

And you're done! How will you tattoo your treat bags?