infused vodka favors // diy

on the last day of

camp mixalot

, we wanted to give the girls a quick activity so they could learn how to spice up their cocktails at home and also take another littler favor with them. so we set up an infusion station with the very simple ingredients, supplies, and instructions for what to do once they were home with it.


sent over some vodka to infuse,

specialty bottle

let us pick our favorite glassware to keep our creations in, then we whipped up some simple tags for the ladies to label their bottles with.


Choose what you want to infuse your vodka with.

For fresh herbs, use several leaves and put in your bottle Add vodka

For herbs, allow 1-2 days. For fruits or other flavorings

allow around 5 days to infuse.

Keep out of direct sunlight at room temperature.

Shake the bottle at least once a day. Once ready, strain vodka

(with fine mesh sieve or coffee filter) in to a clean jar. Store infusion in the fridge and use within one month.

Or freeze and use up to 2 months.

there are so many different combos you can infuse your vodka with! what would you choose?


specialty bottle

provided supplies so we could get crafty at our event, they have tons of options you can

check out here

. and a giant thank you to


for supplying the main ingredient! ]