late summer style // on the table

one of my favorite things to do for our parties is the styling. actually, i love doing it every day, every where around the house, whenever i can. and one trick i always use to make things simple, is start with one statement piece. so for a quick styling session and to offer a few pieces of inspiration for your weekend plans, i updated our antler from a wintery accessory to something that will work through the end of summer to fall. it was a festive shade of gold, so i sprayed it with white primer (i like the matte finish), wrapped with yarn and voila!

i always go to black and white to keep things simple and the focus on the statement piece. add a pop of fun in your flatware. top your plates with fresh flowers. grab some fancy mismatched glasses and you are set.


and don't forget some green! the same tip i

shared here

for the bar cart rolls right on over to the table. work with what you've got in the yard!

these white candles are always in stock in our house too. they stay lit outside and are so inexpensive

you could fill every nook at your bash with them.

what are your favorite quick tricks for styling or setting the table?