hi + do you have something to share on aff?

it's been quiet. i know. and i've been meaning to check in here to say i was going to take the week off from any real posting on the blog. but i guess i never got to it. i'm taking this week to catch up on a few weddings i've been working on, shipping out orders, and getting my schedule all dialed in for the coming weeks on a fabulous fete! unfortunately when i get crazy busy, the blog is the first place that takes a hit. i think we are almost on the other side of the wedding season craziness though, so it will be back to regular programming next week.

i am also searching for some spectacular guest bloggers to help out around here when i take some time off for a few vacations in the coming months. i know there is no way i can ever get around to exploring all of the great artists and bloggers out there, so i thought i would put it out there, here, to see if any readers are interested! if you have a blog or shop and are looking for a place to contribute, share, and get your work in front of some new eyes, let me know! you can email me to just say your interested, that you want to collaborate, or if you already have an idea, send that over as well too!

lauren (at) afabulousfete (dot) com

if we are a good match, i'll send over some more details!

and in the meantime, i'm always sharing peeks of my day, no matter how busy,