neon acrylic frame place cards

after i created

these signs

for oh so beautiful paper

, i was hooked on the frosted neon. and with place cards being one of my favorite things to create, mixing the two was happening. you can do this with any color, but i think the neon is the perfect pop for a summer dinner party or wedding!

you'll need frosted glass paint, neon paint, painters tape, acrylic paint pen and bent acrylic frames

like these


start by taping of the front where you will write, spray the back with a coat of the frosted paint glass and follow it with a coat of the neon. full instructions can be

seen here in the post on osbp


if you're having a smaller dinner party, you can stick with the small frames that are the perfect size for just first names. if you are thinking of these for your wedding, you may want to go a bit bigger to fit full names on each.

these frames come in so many sizes, so you can customize for any area of your event

directions with arrows pointing guests to where they need to go, bar menus, dessert bars, everything! i've even thought about writing some fun quotes on these for my desk or around the house. what would you use them for?