summer soiree in four steps

the closer we get to summer, the more i think we all get that itch to start planning simple outdoor get togethers. keyword being simple! so here's a quick guide to planning your next summer soiree.
place these bright plates around the table. add interest with your settings to keep it simple everywhere else! wear this statement necklace with an easy dress for a casual glam look. snip some fresh branches from the far for a natural addition to the table that costs you nothing. serve a prepared box of picnic style meals. easy. done.

ps. you may have noticed it was a little slow around here! i took an unintentional break last week from regular posting due to being just plain old swamped and unable to keep up with clients, orders and the blog. i felt like i was rushing to complete any sort of post… and that just never leads to quality content you guys want to read. so i thought i would take it easy with a few simple inspirational round ups this week, get caught up again and start fresh next monday! so it won't be completely quiet over here, promise!