guide to the perfect holiday weekend

i feel like we've been on the go for weeks… something planned for every weekend. and while i'm not complaining and it's all been super fun, i really enjoy just being home and not having anything on the agenda. somehow we've managed not to plan anything for the holiday weekend, so instead, i've decided to map out my perfect long weekend and share in case you have issues planning your own few days of r & r and need some tips.

four necessities: flowy attire that enables you to be comfortable (and have your share of guacamole), tequila, cheap entertainment (nail polish!) and a good read. and it doesn't hurt to get your girls in on this, so call them up and invite them too.

this dress will pretty much be permanently attached to my body this summer. we visited the cutest little boutique while in vegas last weekend where i picked a few of my first lovers + friends pieces up, this included. it's the beginning of a bad bad addiction.

margaritas are our fave weekend drinks to make at home. so i'm gonna go ahead and say that we've mastered the recipe by now. they are always on the rocks so a good (silver) tequila is a must. this Jose Cuervo Tradicional is 100% blue agave tequila, smooth and blends perfectly with all of the fresh ingredients we like to enjoy in our margaritas. right now Jose Cuervo is sharing the greatest video that talks about their history in tequila. i'm usually not one to stop and watch a video, but when i saw that they made the video with mini dioramas inside of bottles, i couldn't resist… mini AND diy? i had to. you can see it here or just watch below! did you catch how they came up with the margarita? my favorite part… that's some good trivia next time your at the bar with friends.

i know i know, you're dying for my super secret perfect margarita recipe right? here it is:

- 2 oz. Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver
- 1 oz. fresh oj
- juice from 1 1/2 limes
- 2 oz. of your fave marg mix
- 1/2 oz. triple sec

- mix ingredients together in a glass, top with ice, stir, and top with a shot of grand mariner. yum.

i've been dying for some summer white nails and found this white at the grocery store for a buck! should keep me busy while sipping that tequila ;)

and last but not least a good book. i'm not a huge reader. mostly because i have a hard time finding books that look interesting. but i received this before last weekend, started it while in vegas, and cannot continue to pick up where i left off. i mean… a girl, my age, who runs a huge successful company? interested.

with all of this talk about margaritas, i also wanted to send a few of you off with a fun print to pair with your perfect weekend. just tell me in the comments below what your favorite part of the history in a bottle video from above is and i'll pick 3 winners to receive a code for a free copy of this printable! it comes in 2 sizes, perfect for hanging in the kitchen, over your bar cart, or even gifting to the hostess at the next summer bash you attend! - enter through next friday the 30th! -

[ thanks to Jose Cuervo for sponsoring and inspiring todays story! all opinions are my own… i think you all know by now that i never say no to a margarita ]