flower arranging + tasting watercolor work for smp

a few weeks ago caitlin from style within reach contacted me about working on a shoot she was designing to showcase a gorgeous day of flower arranging and rose tasting. since those are 2 of my favorite things, i'll be honest and say i didn't really read much more of the email before i clicked reply and typed in I'M IN. and just last week, she shared all of her favorite photos from the shoot over on SMP. i created a few different watercolor pieces for her to use including a fun wine print, invitations, coasters and some other signage. everything from the shoot was styled and photographed beautifully so i wanted to share a few of the images over here of the work i did. you can check out the rest of the shoot here in the gallery on SMP or view the original post here! there is also a printable i created for download over on the original post, it is for the tasting sheet so that you can host your own, enjoy!

i hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing day off! i'll be catching up on some work (fun stuff of course like diy projects!) and prepping a few yummy blog posts i shot over the weekend for ya.
happy memorial day!

photography: abby jiu
florals: holly chapple

ps. i'm creating a few originals of the save water drink wine print in the first image as i received some requests. if you want one send me an email and they will go out next week! i also hope to turn it into a print, but that takes a little more time;)