crab tower appetizer

on our last trip to vegas, we decided that instead of sitting down for expensive dinners, we'd explore as many restaurants as possible and try their appetizers. this is my favorite way to eat. if i could snack and eat apps instead of meals forever, i totally would. on our first night we shared a super delicious stack of fish and fruit. it was very basic and easy to make after all of the chopping, so i thought i would share the quick recipe with you here. it was a struggle to get the few pictures i did before we dug in, so sorry they don't show more;) i got what i could!

use a glass cup and coat the sides with something that will let all of your appetizer slide out easily, like olive oil. at the bottom add in a layer of crab, top with a layer of chopped mango and finish it off with a layer of chopped avocado. refrigerate for about an hour, turn onto a flat serving platter and tap until your tower slides out of the cup. you can eat plain, but we served with chips for a little get together.

we think next time we will add some spices and maybe a little sesame oil to the mixture. we kept it plain this first time to see if it was even doable at home! what would you guys add to the mix?