jamaica, mon.

i swear. is everyone in the bahamas or mexico right now? the answer is yes. at least everyone i follow on instagram. so, instead of crying because i'm so jealous, i decided i'd share a few pics from our trip to jamaica we went on 2 weeks ago. the camera we brought would have produced hundreds of fantastic photos… except that we brought the wrong charger and it was dead, SO, here are my attempt at iPhone photography, enjoy;)

i spent 90% of my time under an umbrella with a bottle of champagne and some sort of snack. we did manage to find the energy to travel over to ricks cafe to watch the divers and margartaville (twice) because they have the best damn margaritas i've ever tasted. and since those are the only 2 times i really left the resort, i would say go go go! they are definitely must see's if you're in negril. and if you have time, i'd also recommend walks on the beach at sunset, rum punch, and shopping for sarongs, jewelry and cool woven purses from local vendors. you're welcome for the in depth guide to travel in jamaica ;)