floral dream catcher // mothers day diy

sure, mom will love her flowers any way you present them… but if you're looking for a fun new way to gift her favorites, why not try out something different this year.

ever since we made our way up to sedona, i've had dreamcatchers in my head. i thought adding in something different would be a fun twist. although they won't last long, they'll definitely be a pretty addition to any celebration! i guess you have to think about them kind of like flower crowns. something you get to enjoy for a day or two, right? yes. so here's what to start with:
- a large embroidery hoop
- thick yarn
- several types of blooms

start by threading through the fringe that will hang from the bottom. do this around the bottom of the outer ring. leave loose and set to the side. then take the inner hoop, tie one end of a new piece of yarn the the hoop and begin to wrap around tightly until you have a pattern you like. make sure that you have lots of cross over as that is how the flowers will stay secure.

insert the wrapped inner ring to the outer and tighten.

cut your flowers so they have a 2-3" stem, insert in between the yarn where they cross over each other and your done!

you can tie on some blooms at the bottom too. i really ended up liking it a bit more simple without the tulips… but play around until you get something you love!