capiz shell place cards

i have this thing with beach themed weddings and parties. i really want to love them, but usually don't. it's so easy for beachy decor to go wrong. quickly.
there are a few materials that i think are perfect for incorporating into that type of event to get a classy, contemporary look, without making it seem like you bought everything in the luau aisle at party city. capiz shell is one of those. i'll admit, they used to be on my "never use" list, but they are growing on me. especially now that spring is here. i found some at my local craft store and thought they would make the perfect place cards for a wedding or dinner party.

i used a water-based acrylic paint pen to add names to the front of each shell.

i love the simplicity, but with the black, it gives them a little edge;)

i'm still a little stuck in tropical inspiration from our trip to jamaica, so excuse my many more posts to come about beach and tropical inspired things! so what do you think, do you like the subtle hint to a theme or do you usually go all out?