weekend goods.

i did a bit of damage this week.. birthday shopping and all. but you know when you don't wear anything because you are saving it for the perfect occasion? and then that perfect occasion comes and you want to wear it all? i know, horrible dilemma to be in. we're finally celebrating my birthday with a small group of friends tomorrow, so now i've been obsessively planning outfits in my head. this was one of my faves so far. perfect for a little wine and appetizers don't you think?

and i shared these via social media, but in case you missed them, i stopped by a few blogs this week:
i shared some secrets and favorites over on mint love social club.
i crafted up these diy cocktail napkin/coasters for inspired by this.
and i shared a peek into the imperfect that hides behind my ocd instagram styling on cupcakes and cutlery.

any fun plans this weekend for you guys? happy friday!