the perfect wedding gift + a giveaway

wedding season is here! fun for me, i get to work on lots of pretty wedding decor and paper items. but i know to some of you that means hunting down the perfect wedding gift for your pals. well search no more because when keurig asked me who i'd gift one of their coffee makers to, i had the answer. the bride and groom to be! i've always brought gifts to the wedding, but when we got hitched, we received almost everything WAY before hand. which is kind of awesome if you are gifting this machine.

if you have, or are currently planning a wedding, you understand how it completely consumes your life. and of course there is always wine to relieve the stress, but you can't drink wine all day (um, unless you're on vacation… or it's sunday. then i approve). and you definitely don't want to slave over making something. so i love that with the keurig, you can make a cup of coffee, tea, even hot cocoa (i had no idea, and i'm so excited for the next cold day) in about a minute. leaving you to focus on important things like what color bow tie your groom is going to wear… or the color of ribbon you will use to tie tags onto your favors (stressful stuff).

all i know is that when i have a busy day, or week, our keurig is a lifesaver. keeping me caffeinated, and quickly. so, this wedding season, think out of the box (aka the registry) and get the gift that keeps your friends sane;) 

even if you aren't getting married, i'm pretty sure you still enjoy yourself a good cup of something that can be cooked up in a keurig, SO, i'm giving one away! yep, one keurig, for you to do with as you please. keep it for an upcoming wedding gift or for yourself! all you have to do is leave a comment telling me what your fave drink would be to make in your new keurig if you won. make sure to leave your email so i can contact you if you win! the contest will run through next Monday (the 7th) at midnight. I will pick a winner tuesday morning. good luck!

[this post and giveaway was made possible by keurig]