embroidered drawstring bag // diy + 6 ideas for using them

i can't get enough of the cute little fashion and beauty icons that are all over everything these days, especially lips and eyes. my fave. i needed some little bags to get my suitcase organized for our trip next week, so i thought these would be the perfect way to get in on the icon action. you can use any size of bag you need and turn them into gift bags or any of the other ideas i listed below.

start with some drawstring bags like these, embroidery thread, a large needle and pencil.

01. trace or draw out your design lightly with pencil
02. start at one end and start stitching from the inside, don't forget to tie a knot at the end of your string
03. as you stitch, start each new stitch by piercing through the end of your last stitch. this way, you won't get any gaps in your stitching and the lines will look continuous.

like i said, i'm going to use mine on our trip to organize small things and probably stash laundry in once we are there. i really hate when dirty clothes get mixed with clean and then i have to remember what's what when we're home. these are the perfect size to fit laundry for a few days. but, here are a few other ideas that i would love to make the bags for!

+ favor bags // make a smaller version for a bachelorette party
+ laundry bags // make three for lights, darks and dry cleaning
+ organization in your suitcase // just like i'll be using them!
+ hostess gift // pack up a bag of homemade cookies and bottle of wine
+ bridesmaids gift // the perfect wrapping for a sweet gift that any girl would love to use after unwrapping
+ bridal kit // include all of the essentials for your, or your bff's if you're the maid of honor, big day