friday finds

woo! hey friday. did this seem like the longest week ever or what? i think that post yesterday stressed me out a bit as things around here are usually pretty, crafty… you know, that sort of vibe. i was super happy to get a little feedback though and hear your stories here and on fb. i knew i wasn't the only one! i hope that sharing those sorts of things is something you guys like once in a while.

but, the weekend is here, so let's end with something light. links i'm loving this week.

i'm not sure how i wasn't following sara mueller on instagram until now. her pictures are just straight up dreamy. i want my weekend to look like this pic of her warmer weather essentials. you can follow her here, @saramueller. this bitchin' print kills me. i want it, and i also want to reinstate this word into my vocabulary. pretty sure i'm too young to have ever really used it.. but it's never too late to start. image via it's a living. and sharon's new series, the dirty side of blogging, is the best. i think i'm going to submit a few pictures i've taken of what a shoot (or even just the styling of an instagram shot) really looks like. i have so many. you know there are dirty floors, a pile of crap, laundry and me in my pajamas really behind the lens… most people just don't share it. so go sharon! check out how she got this fab shot of her outfit here.

melissa just release a new line of watercolor, personalized notecards and i. am. in. love. she had me at leopard and champagne. she even sent me a package with my very own, you can see them here. best surprise ever… you can check out her blog here and shop here (she's also the gal i collaborated with on these fun notecards!). i had the pleasure of listening to garance dore speak at alt, and now i read her fabulous blog. i cannot get over how good this visual journal is of her time at paris fashion week last year is. and last but not least, ryan comes home from italy today! he was traveling for work and had to spend his birthday there (sad for me, prob not so much for him), so now we finally get to celebrate this weekend. i took a trip to the flower mart in search of some "manly" flowers and attempted to create something he might like. i also made him a birthday garland with pictures of his car (his pride and joy). i think he'll like that better. i tried. flowers from my instagram feed.

hope you all have a great weekend!