notebook diy

last year at alt, i handed out mini party kits… which was awesome, but so time consuming, and i don't think it really showed what i do. so this year, i wanted something to showcase one of those things i list on the back of my business card and want you to hire me for;)
if you're wondering, you cannot find a cute plain notebook for under, like, $7 a piece. and unfortunately that was not in my budget. so i whipped up these simple notebooks to add my calligraphy to and showcase it for people i meet! here's how to make your own.

supplies: 10-15 full sheets of white paper, 1 sheet of kraft (or patterned) paper, scissors, string, and an awl or something sharp. (makes 2)

start by cutting the paper in half horizontally and separating, one half for each notebook. fold the paper in half and use the awl to poke 2 holes on the fold. make sure they go all the way through the cover. cut a piece of string, insert through the holes so the ends of the string are on the inside and tie to secure. trim the ends and you are done!

now to get to taking down some fancy notes;)