ask yourself

we all have days when you either feel like you are being absolutely unproductive, or you feel like you're spinning your wheels doing something that really isn't getting you anywhere (blog posts taking way too long to create/shoot, working on a project you under-quoted, or maybe just sitting on instagram because you are procrastinating?). yes, those days. when i saw this quote, i was like, yes! this is what i need to be asking myself everyday. it's what you need to ask yourself when you answer emails, accept a new project, or do anything that is going to impact your business. i feel like this should always be on your mind when it comes to work and taking yourself to the next level. and with alt summit coming up (i'm leaving tomorrow!) it's been on my mind times 100.
going to a conference 2 years in a row has forced me to look back and think about where i have come since the last one. something i know i should have been, and should BE, doing. it has always been my nature to just go with the flow, though, and let things happen as they come. and sure, i've grown… both in business and myself. but i have this big picture, and right now, it seems so far away. so, now that i've come to the realization that everything is not going to fall into my lap, i'm on the road to the "big picture" and have been pushing myself to take those bigger steps, leaps, DIVES, into things that i've had on my mind but didn't do because i was scared or because it was too much work. you know, doing things that get me closer to where i want to be "tomorrow". actually thinking about it everyday.
finally accepting that you are the only one that is really holding you back is kind of a slap in the face, but also, something that will motivate the heck out of you.
so.. instead of giving you tips on what to do to prepare for, or survive, a conference like alt summit (my original idea), i thought i'd go with this. i'm totally not saying you need to pay to go to something to learn this about yourself, it was just my journey to learning it. and i hope i can share these things with you to help you along in whatever way you want to interpret it. now, i can't wait to get out and learn, meet a ton of new people, and put all of that motivation into the coming year!
but first... i have to finish packing and prepping for our mini party! anyone else going to alt?