october wrap up + goals

so i really like doing these monthly wrap ups. i'm sorry if you follow me on instagram and they are super repetitive. but i started with the old ones… so hopefully you forgot about those already ;) i think it's just cool to see them all together. and as usual, let's make some goals for this month, shall we?

now that the office update is pretty much done with just a few tiny details left to make it complete, i am super excited to be in my new space. it's strange, but it's such a different vibe and so much more inspiring than before! i finally have a pretty, organized place to be most of the day, i can find everything when i need it, and i'm not shoving stacks of papers and junk away to have enough room to work on a project. i feel like i've gotten more done this past week than i have in the past month. so, i'd say that the small amount of time and money i have spent has already paid itself off. score.
now that i can move onto more exciting goals. here they are!
1. have the new shop up by the end of the month. i'll go into more detail soon, but in the near future, AFF will be expanding into an online shop with lots of entertaining goodies. the etsy shop will still live, but i will be transforming it into my calligraphy and print shop. woo hoo!
2. collaborate more. i know that it's the next step to bigger, better and more creative projects for this blog, but with my supreme procrastination skills and love of working in the comfort of my home, i just haven't branched out that much. so this month i'm trying to step out of that comfort zone and bring you all of those great and inspiring projects.
3. answer emails/texts quicker. i've slowly become that person who checks emails on their phone, closes it, forgets about it, and remembers about a week later. not good. i've been working on it, writing down and setting up reminders and it's getting better. still needs work to become a good habit though, you know?

so, now that november is here, are you setting your own goals? wanna share? ;)
have a fabulous weekend!

[ images via instagram // @afabulousfete ]