let's stay home // entertaining and date night ideas for staying in

i've never wanted to become that boring old married couple. and trust me, we aren't even close… but i will say that we like to stay in. it's convenient, it's cozy, it's inexpensive. and after the fun is over, it's not a long drive home (even for most of our friends). so i thought it would be fun to share some of our current favorite, and new, things to do at home. whether it be a date night for 2, or a bigger bash for 20, there are plenty of fun nights to be had right here at home.

to start, i wanted to share a fun date night for 2 you can have right on your own couch. invite your significant other to a cozy movie night. it's easy, requires a few bucks at the grocery store and is quick to throw together last minute. but first, you must have the perfect lounging outfit. my go-to items for lounging in the fall are leggings, and oversized sweater, and great socks. no one likes cold toes when you're cuddling (i'm always getting picked on for this!), so invest in a few good pairs. plus i'm pretty obsessed with this sweatshirt from old navy. i'd be lying if i said i hadn't worn it almost every day since i bought it.

pick up your favorites. luckily, ryan and i can agree on movie snacks. we always go for the hot tamales and buttery popcorn. i've also been waiting for the perfect occasion to try this wine spritzer, bon affair. for some reason it just seemed like it was made for sipping on a movie night with popcorn. i was right.. it's the perfect mix of sweet wine and bubbles. not to mention it is a wine that is good for you (ok, well, better for you). it has half the calories of regular wine and is all natural. bonus!

cute pieces always take a night from 'just another night', to a date or little party. so get out the glass and good stuff. i served all of our goodies on individual trays placed on a larger tray to bring over to our viewing area. adding a favorite fall scented candle and a bit of green finished of the centerpiece of our night (because 80% of the movie fun is snacks right?)

do you plan impromptu dates for you and your partner? what are your favorites?

here's a little selection of pieces similar to what i used if you want to plan your own movie date!

[ samples of bon affair were sent for me to try. compensation was not received for this post though. i just love that it's better for you and is tasty so i thought i'd share! ]