september wrap up + goals

one thing i really love about social media (as long as you aren't embarrassing yourself on it) is that you can look back and be like, whoa, i did all that last week? last month? last year? it's an awesome way to document your career and/or life. so, pooling photos from the previous month has become something i really like to do. putting it all onto one page is a fun way to relive, if just a little, those fun times. or, in my case, projects:) here is my september according to instagram and a few goals to get october off to a great start!

[ from top left: party props for a get together last weekend. flowers for our gathering. indian summer nights by the lake. addition to my notebook collection (i'm a notebook hoarder). amazing skeleton stand. ipad menus at lunch. yoga on the lake. my fave calligraphy combo, white on kraft. new fall shoes. feather diy. tjmax finds. pretty pink wedding project for a customer. last day on kauai. a pretty morning. coconut pit stop in kauai ]
- all images via my instagram -

a few things i'm focusing on in the new month. spending more time on our home, keeping it clean/organized/decorated. with the coming months there are so many holidays that we get to decorate for. and a few years ago, i would go all out. since starting to work for myself, that has been pushed into the corner and all of my usual decorations have been collecting dust in the attic. so, i've decide that i will make more of an effort to keep that up since it really does make me happy.
secondly, finish my office update and have everything organized in their new places. but mostly, keep it that way!
and last but not least, stop making projects bigger than they need to be. i've been working on updating my shop for months. when i think about it, it overwhelms me because i think that i need to have stocked the shelves with tons of product and then have a grand photoshoot to put up on the site. i don't. i need to keep it simple and get things done.

do you guys set goals for yourself each month? i don't always put mine in writing... but it sure does help to keep yourself accountable!