mini pumpkin place card holders

one of my favorite parts of fall is that we get to decorate with pumpkins.. everywhere. this year, i decided to stick with a simple white, black and gold palette for most of our decor. so with a few pieces of gold wire, i prepped a few of these cute mini pumpkins for holding place cards at a fall dinner!

hosting a dinner party this month? here's how to make your own:
you'll need the pumpkins (obviously), some moss, place cards, thick gold wire, a hammer, small nail, wire cutters and pliers.

use the small nail to poke 2 small holes in the top of the pumpkin. make them directly across from each other on either side of the stem, this is where the wires will go. you might need to pull the nail out with the pliers, so have those handy. take a piece of wire, and twist around a round stick (handles on foam paintbrushes work great), once it is at your desire length, cut with the wire cutters. insert one edge of the curled wire into one of the holes you made with the nail.
for the pieces of wire, you'll need a taller one in the back and shorter in the front to support the place card. after you have both pieces of wire in the pumpkin, place a small piece of moss in between them and tuck in your place cards.

set the table and wow your guests ;)

do you have a favorite piece of fall decor when entertaining around this time of year?