be you // and have a good weekend.

gosh i love this. it's a great reminder. in blogging, i've found myself, occasionally, doing or saying things differently because i think that readers may think i'm a crazy person if i say what i really think . like, for reals, i don't say things are "lovely", like ever. but i've definitely used that word here and on instagram. mostly because if i say what i really want to say (like, dang, i love these new sweet ass shoes) well, it might not be accepted with as many people. but we seriously need to remember what makes us each our own person right? so do and say what you want and you'll develop a more authentic community in the process. (ps. i don't hate the word lovely. i love it. it's just not in my vocabulary;)

speaking of being yourself, did you catch this post on design sponge about personal style? does it really exist? i never read long posts… i couldn't tear myself away from this one though.
these watercolor phone cases are fantastic. i love any floral pattern on black.
raw pumpkin pie bites? yes… i've been working really hard the past few weeks to eat healthier, exercise every day, blah blah blah. but i need sugar on the weekend! i think these would feed that craving without throwing me completely off track.
i heart real pin boards. you know, old school style where you actually tore paper out of a magazine and pin it on your wall. with the office update almost complete (speaking of, i should probably share a half way update right?), i think i need to dedicate a small area to create something like this. so much inspiration!
how cute are these socks!!?? i want to put all of them on and cozy up on the couch sunday morning.

this weekend we'll be heading to a friends for a halloween party. i might share a little of that on instagram so follow along here!

[ ps. searches lead nowhere when trying to find the source of this image. if you know, please do tell! ]