tote bag with for the makers.

when for the makers asked me if they could send over a few supplies to see what i would craft up, i couldn't wait to see what they were going to pull out of their supply closet! i always enjoy seeing what their customers receive every month and what projects they suggest making. you can read more here about how to subscribe for a monthly fabulous box of craft goodies from for the makers if you haven't already heard (and read on for the discount code they have offered through this week!)

these are the supplies i decided to use for the final project. one simple tote bag, a bundle of pretty pink raffia and a blue stone with a pre-drilled hole ready for embellishing. i pulled out a sharpie paint pen and a chain bracelet i already had in my stash to complete the bag. you can click here to see the picture i shared of all of the supplies. i'll also be sewing up some lavender shapes with the fabric and lavender shown.. they'd make great favors so i'll definitely share how i do that too!

i started by using the raffia and a large needle to stitch + signs all over the bag. my original idea was to do polka dots but i realized quickly that probably would have taken me weeks to complete, so i went with another shape i also love.

next i made a little tag for my bag, you know, just in case you couldn't tell it was mine ;)
i used the sharpie marker to sketch my name onto the stone, then attached the small chain bracelet with a jump ring so i could attach it to the handle of the bag. i really love how the mraker worked on the stone and am hoping to source some of these soon for escort and place cards!

then i poured myself a glass of rose.. as you do.. and finished up my embroidery work.

i had a lot of the raffia left over so i whipped up to poms to hang on the handle with the stone name tag.

ta da. a fancy pants tote bag you can use to bring wine and refreshments to your next summer shindig. hang it near your pantry so it's ready to go!

what would you have made with those supplies? obviously the others are not going to waste, there will be many more weekend crafts done before the end of summer.

and a big thanks to for the makers for sending me these awesome craft supplies to try out. but there is also something in it for YOU guys too! use the code FETE25 to purchase anything you'd like in their shop and receive 25% off. code is valid through 8.17.2013 so hop over and see if anything catches your eye and inspires to get your craft on.