summer lovin // instafaves 10

sharing a few of my faves from instagram recently. do you follow these gals?
I. gorgeous flowers via @clarevivier that i would love to recreate for a dinner party
II. super fun pieces being shown off by @parcboutique. she's shopping at magic market week right now so you should prob just follow her and get ahead on the trends!
III. @ohjoystudio wearing fabulous polka dots she got from target. 1. why did i never catch these 2. are they still in store?!
IIII. sparkly and simple dinner party attended by @designlovefest. gets me excited to host one of our very own in the yard.

this week has already been crazy busy. i'm prepping for a gorgeous wedding that i am doing decor and calligraphy for. if you follow me on insta, you probably caught this tiny look into one her projects:

follow along because i'm getting to the final stages which means lots of pretty pictures to share ;)
hope your week is going well!