rose wine cocktail.

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i came across a new recipe over the weekend while planning for some friends to visit. i was in the mood to try something new instead of our standard beer, wine and margarita choices. this would be the perfect refreshing cocktail for the coming labor day weekend too!

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rose is one of my new faves. sharon suggested it one day over lunch and i couldn't believe i'd gone my whole adult life without having it. it is the main ingredient in this cocktail and is the perfect base (in my opinion!) for a summer drink. you'll need rose, citrus vodka, lemon and some basil. i added a dash of squirt (yep, random... we don't usually have this but were experimenting earlier with some other recipes) but you could also add any other bubbly topper like sprite. you can find the entire recipe here (the basil lemon rose cocktail).

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muddle the lemon and basil and add in the rose and vodka. i loved how easy this was to whip up while you had guests over.

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i highly suggest you give this one a try over the weekend! have you ever had a wine cocktail? any suggestions for others we should try?