a summer ice cream party.

summer party

so far, this summer has pretty much been sweltering. and i'm not sure what goes better with a hot summer than ice cream. so, why not throw a little ice cream party? invite some friends over, lay out a simple spread of ice cream and prosecco (perfect combo if you ask me) and cool down. i picked up these ice cream cone bowls from anthro that were the perfect start to planning a little party.

ice cream bowls


i wrapped up each flavor to keep them from dripping all over when they started to melt. pretty while they're on the table and easy clean up!


spotted dress

party dessert

custom napkins added some extra interest to the decor. i love making and using napkins for dinner parties. they are usually something that is super unique since you made them and people love that at the dinner table! plus it doesn't hurt that you are being a bit more eco friendly ;)

handmade napkins


eating ice cream

ice cream party

this was so easy and is something you can throw together in an hour for your friends! what kind of entertaining are you doing this summer to stay cool?