truffle oil + salmon appetizers

so. get ready to taste one of the most heavenly things you will every have (if you haven't already). it's a little something i was introduced to while in vegas a few years ago and it makes everything tastier.. the way cheese or chocolate does ;) have you ever had truffle oil? the price tag is a bit steep for a tiny bottle of oil, but a little goes a long way and all the money you spend is totally worth it.

while we were in mexico, we ate a fabulous restaurant that had opened at our resort the week we were visiting. it was a fixed menu, and they brought out about 8 courses of some of the greatest tasting things i've ever had (none of it being mexican food). i made a mental note of a few of them, this being one. i'll share the others soon, but for now, here is the delicous salmon appetizer we had.

you'll need a baguette, truffle oil, sprouts (i used an alfalfa and clover sprout blend) and some smoked salmon. slice and toast your bread to start.

pour a small bowl of the oil and brush on each slice of toasted bread. layer on the salmon and sprouts.

i love a good appy that only takes a few minutes! i pretty much devoured this entire plate after the picture taking was done. and i made a large batch the next day for R and i which was eaten up just as quickly. word of advice, buy more supplies than you think you need!