instafaves // a random selection

well. it's been a while since i shared a little instagram love. what do you guys think? do you ever find a person or 2 that you now love following daily? here are my faves as of late...

[via @anyeske]

- these flowers are intense and someone needs to make this image into a wallpaper or some paper i can make into an envelope. right? -

- this is such a great way to display your photos! whether it's instagram or regulars taken on a camera, i am in love with this display. i've wanted to display some of our wedding photos and am thinking this might be a contender. plus, you can update this anytime.. and all the time -

- for the makers is opening a new shop where you can get new supplies and old supplies from past projects. awesome! here was a little sneak peek they put out. i would totally buy everything in this picture to craft with. -

- this entire set up is too much. i just can't stop looking at it. i love how she did a super casual gallery wall in her dining area. this has me contemplating a little re-do on our dining space. -

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