hand lettered handkerchief menu

one thing i really love to see at each setting of the dinner table at weddings is a pretty menu. i never really thought it was one of the most necessary items as most dinner details are pre-determined, but they just add so much to a table! it's one more piece of decor you get to be creative with.

and when you add a fabric detail (my second favorite material to use next to paper!), i'm sold. i had these handkerchiefs lying around and thought they would be the perfect menu with a little hand lettering and watercolor added. i've seen a few images floating around pinterest too where they screen printed which would be ideal if you were making these for close to 100 guests. this method would be more suitable for a small dinner party right?

what do you think of menus? do you use them when you host parties, or are you having them at your wedding? when we host dinner parties i usually do a small chalkboard menu or use the roll down kraft menu like i showed here and here. i've been planning a summer bash in my head (no date yet :) and think this would be a fun detail!