babys breath friendship bracelet // diy

when i was a kid, i had a business where i made and sold friendship bracelets during recess. i think since then, they've always held a small place in my heart. i love that they are back and it's ok to wear them even though you aren't 7 making them with your girl scout troop. so i added a little something that would make it a perfect accessory for your bridesmaids, or a fun activity for a girls weekend.

you start with the same old basics you used back in the day, now just add in a sturdy bloom like babys breath.

if you need a refresher, here's how to start the bracelet. knot the top of your strands and tape down to a flat surface. pull one string out of the group, loop under the rest of the string, back around and through itself like a knot (below).

pull each knot up tight. once you are about an inch down, make a knot just like you would above, but this time insert the stem of a small piece of your bloom. continue to make the knots, tucking in the stem until it is covered.

keep adding your flowers until you have a long enough piece to create your bracelet, then end with a knot.

i love this idea for your maids to create with larger flowers and wear on your wedding day.. or a fun accessory for a special celebration!