what i'm packing // mexico

tomorrow we are hopping on a plane and spending a week in mexico. so just for fun, i thought i would share a few of my beach vacation necessities i'll be packing. packing for a relaxing trip means lots of color, and only the fun stuff. the lap top will remain at home! that does mean lots of work today though to prepare posts and finish up emails. all totally worth it though.

a bright mini purse is perfect for exploring new towns and carrying only what you need. plus neon yellow goes with everything right? polaroid camera for beach days. perfect little spiked hair clips to stylishly pull hair back during the day. and rather than carrying a big notebook, i'll take a mini ring of notecards that will easily tuck into a pouch. this great scarf that is so big it can be worn as a dress, a skirt, used as a bag... pretty much anything. and a mini travel bottle of my fave perfume.

forever 21 had these and lots of other great plastic sandals, perfect for wearing in the sand and near the water. i always make the mistake of taking leather sandals. they never get worn since they are ruined so easily on the beach. problem solved! plus how cute are the little owls?!

r and i always collect sand and shells when we visit a new place for the first time. so i'll be bringing this jar along to keep them safe on the trip back.

sandals from f21 // bag from target (older) // phone case from ralph lauren // gold spike clips from f21 // scarf c/o scarfs dot net // notecards from muji (decorated w/ paint polka dots) // spike pouch diy here