our anniversary in mexico // year 1

colorful pier

to celebrate our first anniversary, r and i decided to take a trip down to mexico. our original plan was to stay in tulum, but we ended up finding a little place about 10 miles away in akumal. we had both only been to cabo and were super excited to get to visit another part of mexico. the water was some of the clearest i've seen... only second to tahiti and the sand was smooth and white.

anniversary picture

we decided that every year we would create a number corresponding to the anniversary we were celebrating with whatever we had around (i'm hoping each year that means a lot of sand, shells and coral!).

beach peninsula

Summer cocktails


loved all of the teal and white.

teal post

Ocean view

couple holding hands

Aqua ocean

we explored the beaches that surrounded our hotel. the amount of coral on the beach was amazing... so much that they used it all over the hotel for steps, art, and filler around the palms. the little things that washed up and grew on these beaches that were hardly touched were so inspiring. we were lucky enough to be on the end of the string of hotels so past us the beaches were pretty deserted.

plants on beach

colorful coral


stacked rocks

mayan ruins

we also visited tulum and the ruins. lots of lush foliage, large lizards and towering buildings that overlooked the sea that was an insane shade of blue. i promise these pictures aren't edited to look like that!

large lizard

caribbean beach

aqua ocean

ruins on the beach


overall it was one of the most relaxing trips we've ever taken. after our excursion to the ruins we spent the rest of our time floating in the ocean, visiting the bartenders in the pool, or reading under the umbrella that was just steps away from our back door. it's been a hard few days adjusting back to real life. lucky we are already back to the weekend. have a good one!