hanging roll down menu diy.

menu diy

summer entertaining has begun friends. do you ever prepare what you are taking over to the host and hostess? ya, me neither. but i thought these roll up menus would make the perfect present to give with a bottle of wine or even a little plant when you are invited to dinner parties and backyard bbqs. you can probably make around 15 to 20 with these supplies and they only take a few minutes each. so stock up and be prepared all year!

diy party menu

these are prefect for hanging in your kitchen and rolling down each time you write your menus. i love writing out our menus for the week, but you can also use when entertaining as well.. or even as a notepad by the front door!
here is what you will need // a roll of that kraft paper from the hardware store (by the painting supplies), similar to what i used here but thinner, twine, tape, plastic straws, washi tape

kraft paper menu

cut your straw down to slightly smaller than the width of your paper and tape it to the end of the paper.

kraft paper roll

roll the paper around the straw tightly until you get to your desired thickness. thread the twine through the straw, measure how long you would like it to hang, cut and tie.

kraft paper and twine

simple menu craft

secure the end with some washi tape and you are done! hang and start jotting down your menus and notes

hand lettered menu

styled menu diy

party menu

do you guys ever take hostess gifts when invited over to friends and families homes? i'll admit, we usually take the go to bottle of wine. but i think will start bulking up on little goodies like this. much more interesting and personalized. the key is definitely making everything ahead of time though since saturday night dinners usually pop up a few hours before... leaving no time for crafting ;)