instafaves // 3

welcome back from the weekend everyone! hope you all did something fun and got a little relaxing in. 
i styled a fun birthday tea party which i'll share later this week. the hostess had an AMAZING stash of vintage teapots, teacups and pastel dishes. so it turned out beautifully to say the least. yesterday r and i enjoyed a yummy breakfast, picked up a few books for a loooong flight i have later this week, then shopped around for a few hours before having some friends over to bbq. you know when a weekend feels productive BUT relaxing? and it's perfect? i had on of those ;)

and so i can share something pretty with you in addition to rambling about my weekend, here are my picks from some of my favorite instagrammers.
these pretty flowers are from @katherinepower. we have these in our yard as well so i used some to place around the house and add a little color. i am in love with this outfit from @lynbacca. casual, yet perfectly put together. this is the type of thing i need to be running my errands in instead of yoga pants! tea and jewels from @samantharosen5. i feel her pain with the tea. i recently had to reduce my coffee intake from 3 cups a day to 1 cup a week if i'm lucky... tea has never been my thing, but i'm trying hard now to find a few i like. i NEED something in the morning. suggestions are welcome! and last, i mean, anything with a polaroid gets my support, especially this one on @kelli_murray's desk with bunny paper clips.