guess what day it is?

you guys. guess what day it is?! my birthday! i've never been one to hate birthdays or push off the waiters that want to bring me a free piece of cake and sing to me. it's the one day a year that is all about you. enjoy it! i do... obviously. anyways, i went a little bonkers this past week and decided i deserved some goodies. just little bits that make me super happy (i'm easy to please). i've had my eye on a heart sweater, any heart sweater. i heart hearts and needed to find one in my price range. so when i spotted this one at old navy my heart skipped a beat, for real. and that pink beauty was the perfect accessory to go with, also found at old navy. the white stone necklace i added to my cart on so that i could qualify for a 20% discount on my order and free shipping.. so i basically go it for free ;) (i don't want to bore you with math and how that worked out, it just did). and, i mean, anything with a little bunny on it is coming home with me. i scored this at homegoods for 5 bucks along with that fabulous gold candle. to be honest, the candle was purchased 90% for the jar, 10% for the scent.

and that is all. hope you have a fabulous wednesday! how do you celebrate your day?