hand drawn favor bags

my whole life, through school, through work, through long phone calls, i've loved a simple doodle. when i wasn't writing my name over and over, i was covering things with polka dots and hearts. so when i started brainstorming patterns for these favor bags, obviously those 2 needed to make an appearance... i've had my share of practice drawing them over the years.

what you'll need to make your own set of bags is some light colored, solid fabric, a black sharpie, and a sewing machine.

cut 2 long strips, double the height, and 1" larger in width than you'd like your finished bag. then begin your doodles!

fold your strip in half, doodles facing in, and sew about 1/2" in all the way down both sides. turn inside out and you're done.

use to package up small gifts..

place at each guests setting for a dinner party and include a little treat inside for them..

or tie up a small bouquet of flowers that you are giving to a friend.

i don't have any immediate parties planned, but i DO have some travel planned (more on that later). so i thought these would also work great to organize jewelry, rubber bands, bobby pins, etc. these things ALWAYS get thrown together and lost or broken.
did you have a doodling problem like me (or still do)? what were your standard patterns?