calligraphy spool valentine // day 12

2 days left. have you made or found your valentine yet?

if not, here is an easy way to create a valentine that can go on, and on, and on, and on...
you can make it as long as you'd like, write a love letter or just a fun repeating message.
grab an old wood spool, strip of paper, thread, tape and heart tag if you'd like.

write your note and tape the end with the text facing in towards the spool.

wrap around tightly until you get to the end of the paper... the beginning of your note.

tie a piece of thread to the beginning of your note (i also added a little heart tag to write 'to' and from')
then wrap the thread around the spool several times to keep the letter tight. end with a bow.

so. are you getting creative and making your valentines or hitting the stores today and tomorrow?
i know it's crazy, i do all of these diy's, but i usually buy my valentine! maybe because R gets all of these "prototypes" i do for shoots early (i gave him this spool valentine last week). i usually do a little addition to my store bought valentine though. last year i made a small banner with pictures of us from the previous year. a little diy + a little store bought is a good combination for my very opposite (aka not crafty or creative at all) hubs;)