yes. i know it's only january.

too early?

oh well. i don't care.
i've had a sort of fascination with anything pink, red, peach or if it has hearts. already. when you plan products, parties and posts, it's hard not to get ahead of yourself.
i really miss the anticipation for valentines day when in elementary school. you'd make your little mailboxes, prepare your valentines for weeks, and always make that 'extra special' one for the cute boy you had a crush on.
so anyways. i love love... and i think there are lots of little ways to enjoy it (even starting in january).
why don't you...
make a pretty flower arrangement to enjoy at your desk. wear this fab leaf brooch. red lips, enough said. deck the halls with peach garland. cotton candy cupcakes?? okay. seal your letters with a kiss. make lacy candle holders. and buy some fancy lingerie.

how do you celebrate?