friday faves.

I didn't get to spend a whole lot of time searching the web this week.. but when i did find a second or two (usually on my lunch "break") i spotted some super finds.
This ipad mini case from by Mart is just too much. I can't get enough polka dots at the moment and am always 'needing' a new fabric pouch for something. And to be honest, half of the excitement in getting an ipad was that i could get fun cases for it.
One of my goals for 2013 is to play around with my floral arranging skills (which i currently do not have). I am so inspired by gals who can just throw together these simple arrangements like sarah yates did here and shared on instagram. I'm doing a little crafting and styling for an event on sunday and plan on putting this inspiration to use by sprinkling in some small arrangements. wish me luck!!
And chalk pencils.. whaaaat?! It's actually not chalk, but charcoal.. but pretty much the same thing when you get down to it. I have a little chalkboard by our front door that i like to play around with and write seasonal greetings. But you can only do so much with a big fat piece of chalk... thank goodness tristan shared this little tip on her blog. I even went out and bought them yesterday because i'm so excited about this discovery she made;)

what fun finds did you spot this week.. and any fun plans for the weekend? have a fabulous friday and enjoy this beautiful weather (if you are in so cal!!)