diy // printable matchbox covers

i heart matches. matchbooks, matchboxes, long ones, short ones.. they are small, easy to collect, and a can add nice touch to your home, your event, or even gifts.
problem. the really good looking ones are out of my match buying budget. so i made some covers for the cheapy brand you can buy anywhere. problem solved.

i found a large pack of these match boxes at walmart, but i'm pretty sure they sell them at any grocery store. print out these perfectly sized watercolor polka dots i painted for you on some card stock. then grab some double sided tape and an exacto knife.

cut out the covers (lines are provided to fit the diamond brand above, or any generic matchbox), fold the polka dotted strips around the box to get your folds right, one of the sides to the box will overlap, then apply your tape to finish of the cover like below. slide in the inside of the matchbox that holds the matches and you're done!

i cut the striking area off of the original box and taped it to the inner part that holds that matches. that way it's still functional, but you have the pretty pattern on the outside.

i would love to use these as place cards for a dinner party. just embellish with a sharpie and add a little piece of foliage or even a fresh flower as the finishing touch.

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